Welcome Aboard,

How and when do I pay?
Payments are made on the first day of each month, by setting up an auto-transfer once, scheduled to repeat monthly. This allows you to budget for the lessons, and also confirms your place on Matt's schedule for the upcoming month.

Can we keep lessons going during the school holidays?
Absolutely! Unless Matt is away, lessons will continue through the holidays.

What if we want to go away on school holidays?
A couple of options for you:

1. Any pre-paid lessons can be replaced with Matt filming an extended video lesson. You will receive a video link that will be yours to own & watch forever, even after discontinuing lessons.

2. If you don't want the extended video lesson, and want to take a complete break from drumming, you can request a refund for the school holiday period.

What if I need to cancel a lesson short notice?
If you cancel within 24 hours for any reason, including sickness, it is a forfeited lesson unfortunately.
Unless Matt is sick, there will no longer be rescheduling or makeup lessons late notice.

What happens in the longer months?
Between Jan 30th and December 22 (Term 1 start – Term 4 end) there are 4 months where you’ll be getting FIVE weekly lessons (instead of the usual four per month) at no extra cost. This means each student essentially has a 4 lesson buffer to use as either FREE lessons or cancellations within 24 hours.

Example 1: If you never miss a lesson throughout the year, you would've received FOUR free lessons.

Example 2: If you need to cancel FOUR times throughout the year due to sickness or just not being able to get to the studio that day, it will even out and you'll be paying for the exact amount of lessons attended. No money lost.

What if you are sick, Matt?
If Matt is too sick or injured to physically teach, he will reschedule the lesson to a future day/time that suits both student and teacher. If a new time can't be sorted in the near future, a lesson will be added to Matt's 'Owed Lessons' list for you to have in the future.

If I need to discontinue drum lessons altogether, how do I cancel?
Just let Matt know that you would like to end the lessons at the end of the current pre-paid month. That gives him a bit of notice to advertise that your spot is going to be available.

Setup the monthly auto-payment

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One-time payment setup details:

Name: Crutopia Drums
BSB: 670864
Acc: 10990610
Amount: $130
When: November 1st, 2023
Frequency/Repeats/Frequency: Monthly
Description: Lenny Drums

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